Australian exportersAustralian exporters produce more goods and services, employ more workers on higher wages, invest more capital and have a higher probability of long-term success than non-exporters, a recently released Federal Government study has found.

The research, produced by the Department of industry, Innovation and Science, compared the performance of 350,000 companies over 10 years to 2013-14.

Exporters on average employ 24% more people, who are 13% more productive and get 11.5% higher wages compared to non-exporters. Exporters also commit 7% more to capital expenditure.

Other key findings from the study:

  • Over a third of Australia’s exporters are concentrated in four industries: mining, manufacturing, wholesale trade and information media and telecommunications
  • Exporters grow faster than non-exporters in the lead up to foreign market entry but this growth difference diminishes in a few years
  • Continuous exporters perform significantly better in all performance measures than non-exporters
  • Exporting as associated with a higher probability of business survival

The Export behaviour and business performance research paper can be viewed in detail here.

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