Why buy from Queensland?

Located at the doorstep of the world’s fastest growing markets in the Asia-Pacific, Queensland offers endless opportunities with world class solutions, unrivalled expertise and high quality products across major industries.


Queensland is an international supplier of choice

Great industry reputation

We are known around the world for supplying overseas markets with high quality food and agricultural products, health and technology solutions, mining, equipment and technology service, construction as well as emerging research and bio-industries.

Reliable infrastructure

Queensland has a reliable supply chain due to high quality road, rail, port and airport infrastructure.

Proximity to global markets

Queensland is in the right place, at the right time for your business needs. Our location means that Queensland offers fast access to national and international markets. Being positioned on the north-eastern perimeter of Australia also means we are in a business-friendly time-zone with Asian countries and other key international destinations.

Clean and green

Queensland is a clean, green environment free from serious animal and plant pests due to regulations.

Innovative hotspot

Queensland is recognised by the World Bank as a global innovation hot spot. The Queensland Government invests heavily in knowledge-intensive industries, and supports plans and services for long-term economic development.

More information

TIQ’s specialist buy team helps buyers harness opportunities by working in partnership with local industries, economic development agencies as well as local and state government agencies.

For more information on how TIQ can assist you to buy from Queensland speak to one our representatives in your region or use our enquiry form.