Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk signs the MOU with the Local Government Association of Queensland on 7 February.

Representatives from the Chinese Consulate-General visit a local business during their recent trip to Wide Bay.

Local exporters received a personal invitation to attend an important trade expo in Shanghai later this year when representatives from the Chinese Consulate-General visited Bundaberg in late April.

TIQ’s Wide Bay–Burnett office hosted the visit, which saw the consulate team meet with the Gympie Chamber of Commerce, regional council representatives, and local industry leaders.

TIQ advisor Brett Tucker said consular staff from Brisbane were in town to promote the China International Import Expo, which will be held in Shanghai from 5 to 10 November this year.

‘China has the largest population of any country, and is the world’s second largest importer and consumer,’ he said.

‘The Shanghai expo is expected to attract exhibitors from more than 100 countries and around 150,000 buyers from China and beyond.

‘The consular staff were keen to personally explain the potential business benefits of the expo to Wide Bay businesses, and to encourage them to attend.’

Mr Tucker said consular staff also delivered a presentation at Central Queensland University, and met with local leaders in international education, health, investment and food.

The China International Import Expo is an initiative of the Chinese government to support trade liberalisation and the opening of the Chinese market to the world.

It is the largest exhibition under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is designed to promote economic cooperation among countries connected to China by land and maritime routes.

Mr Tucker said the visit to Bundaberg by the Chinese consular representatives had been a great success.

‘It made the idea of attending the Shanghai expo real for local businesses in a way that you can only achieve with face-to-face communication,’ he said.

‘And we already have a number of local businesses expressing interest in flying to China for the expo in November.’

Sectors to be promoted at the expo include innovative technologies, food and agriculture, medical care and equipment, consumer goods, and trade services (including education, tourism, biotech and scientific research).

Any Queensland business interested in finding out more about the expo, or registering to attend, should contact the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia.

Increasing Queensland exports is a priority of the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.

Top image credit: David Leo Veksler, Creative Commons licence