TIQ is complementing its trade and investment service offering to exporters and investors with a new service to help them take the next steps in their global business journeys. Download our infographic progress report.

The Strategic Engagement and Client Management Initiative (which is a core element of the Advancing Trade and Investment – Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022) aims to establish a whole-of-government client engagement and management framework to enhance the consistency and coordination of trade and investment service delivery.

Key elements of the initiative include improving collaboration among government agencies, implementing a uniform process for assessing and delivering services to clients and establishing a new concierge service in TIQ.

The establishment of a concierge service and appointment of a Client Relationship Manager mark the delivery of the first phase of the project.

Concierge service

TIQ has introduced a concierge service for clients. From August 2018, phone and website enquiries from prospective exporters, buyers and investors will receive a dedicated assessment and response from our new Client Relationship Manager. Businesses will be referred to providers who are best placed to help, either within TIQ, another government organisation, or an external organisation.

Our goal is for clients to have a seamless experience, where they are directed to the best person to help, whether that person is within TIQ or elsewhere.

Client agreements

For the first time, TIQ will sign an agreement with clients, and provide a scope of services letter that will clearly articulate the obligations and responsibilities of both parties and define the services to be delivered. These will provide a clearer understanding of how TIQ can support each business in its export or investment journey.