How to change the URL of a page

  1. In the pages application, navigate to the page that you wish to change the URL for.
  2. Click the "Properties" tab and select the "URLs" option.
  3. Update the "URL slug" field to the new URL that you wish to use.
    Note: If you want the old URL to still be accessible and redirect to the new URL, then add it in as an "Alternative URL".

Bulk page management

To move, copy or delete multiple pages at the same time, you can select the parent page of a group of pages, then select the "Listing" button in the top left corner of the page.

Container and Folder pages

The "Container (No URL Slug)" and "Folder" page types are used to group a selection of pages together for easier CMS management. The difference between the two options is that the container option will not show up in the URL of a child page. In most circumstances, you will want to use the container page type. Example:

Container (No URL Slug)
Path: Parent Page > Container Page > Child Page
URL: /parent-page/child-page

Path: Parent Page > Folder Page > Child Page
URL: /parent-page/folder-page/child-page


Both the XML (/sitemap.xml) and HTML (/sitemap) sitemaps are automatically generated. You can hide/show pages from these sitemaps by checking/unchecking the "Show in sitemap" field on the content tab of any page.