John Osborn

Director, International Business – Singapore

John Osborn was appointed as the Queensland Government Director, International Business for Singapore in December 2016. He represents the state of Queensland in Singapore with a primary focus on the promotion of trade and investment between Singapore and Queensland.

John has over 30 years in business management and consulting, including tourism and events, and has an extensive background in trade and investment. He notably worked to establish the Western Australia Trade & Investment office in Singapore in 2011 and then managed that office until October 2015. John remained in Singapore as a consultant and retains a strong network of senior executives in Singapore. John has an earlier and significant career in sports management which TIQ values as it works to engage with international business to create trade and investment legacy from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

This is the first time Queensland has had an office in Singapore. Singapore is a key investor in Queensland’s tourism infrastructure and a key market for food and horticultural exports.  Education exchange is also an important part of Queensland’s bilateral exchange with Singapore. A physical presence in Singapore allows Queensland to expand these industries even further, and unlock a wealth of opportunities for Queensland’s economy and employment.

John Osborn, Director, International Business – Singapore

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