As the Queensland Government’s global business agency, TIQ plays a significant role in helping deliver the Queensland Government’s economic plan, published in the State Budget 2017–18.

The plan identifies trade and investment as significant sources of growth for Queensland, with the state’s shared time zone with, and position in, the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region creating new opportunities for trade and employment.

Further growth in these key economies will drive demand across a range of goods and services, including resources, tourism, education and agricultural commodities. Furthermore, as capital becomes increasingly mobile, high-value, innovative firms with strong links to global value chains will base their location decisions on a range of factors, including access to skilled labour, the provision of strong economic and social infrastructure, and a regulatory framework conducive to business investment.

The Queensland Government has a key role in facilitating industry growth in response to changing regional and global demand.

This includes providing key social and economic infrastructure, maintaining a competitive taxation and regulatory regime (including reducing red tape and regulatory impediments), and implementing appropriate and effective policy to encourage the development of priority industries and sectors.

The government’s economic plan outlines six key policy channels, including promoting business investment and exports, which are core activities for TIQ.

TIQ employs its overseas and regional office networks to identify export opportunities, support Queensland exporters, target international investors and promote Queensland as an ideal destination offering diverse business opportunities.

Queensland Government’s economic plan

Sustainable economic growth and jobs