TIQ has identified the following risks and has strategies in place to manage them.

  • Global trends, such as rising trade protectionism, and domestic regulations that might have a negative effect on the business dealings of TIQ clients. TIQ is adopting a whole-of-government approach to identifying barriers and impediments faced by industry and is helping our clients to access markets with the greatest competitive advantage for their business.
  • Fragmented approach to government service delivery to exporters and investors that might confuse TIQ clients and diminish the effectiveness of service delivery. TIQ is\ actively working with other agencies and stakeholders to develop and promote an integrated approach to trade and investment services across government.
  • Dealing with multiple, and sometimes competing key priorities, which might reduce the quality of TIQ’s operations. TIQ is aligning all of its strategic priorities and maintaining a focus on longer-term objectives.

TIQ takes advantage of opportunities by:

  • maximising trade and investment potential for clients in innovative and emerging industries
  • promoting regional (and in particular, North Queensland) strengths through targeted trade and investment initiatives
  • capturing trade and investment prospects generated by significant international events, such as the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and the legacy benefits that will flow from related investments
  • capitalising on Queensland strengths and trade-conducive global trends as identified in the T&I Strategy.