TIQ’s priorities for the coming year will be:

  • continuing to lead the implementation of two whole-of-government strategies: the T&I Strategy and the IET Strategy
  • implementing a streamlined whole-of-government client case management system, within a comprehensive trade and investment client services framework, to provide the highest quality services to exporters and investors
  • providing quality advice to business clients and government and industry stakeholders on trade and investment matters and global business issues
  • maintaining a strategically positioned network of overseas offices to leverage high-potential export and investment prospects for Queensland
  • delivering efficient and effective international trade and investment programs and missions in collaboration with other agencies and stakeholders.

TIQ’s objectives 2018–19

Objectives Strategies Performance indicators
Growth in diversified exports – contribute to jobs creation by enabling Queensland businesses across regions and sectors to be successful exporters
  • Facilitate comprehensive service provision, including export training, to Queensland businesses with an internationally competitive export offering
  • Target innovative and emerging sectors and SMEs with exporting potential
  • Promote Queensland export capabilities through TIQ’s global network and communicate opportunities to exporters
  • Champion and assist Queensland’s international education and training industry, particularly in the regions
  • Export clients’ satisfaction with TIQ services; their progress in international business dealings; and number of their export deals assisted by TIQ
  • Increase Queensland’s share of national overseas exports to 22% and maintain through to 2022
  • Increase Queensland’s national market share of international student enrolments to 18% by 2021 and 20% by 2026
Job-creating investment – attract high-value international investment into Queensland to enable a connected and innovative economy
  • Promote Queensland investment opportunities through TIQ’s global network
  • Pitch Queensland to international investors as an ideal location to establish their businesses
  • Lead cross-government promotion and service provision to international investors interested in Queensland opportunities, including to potential business migrants
  • Specifically focus on regions (North Queensland), and on investment into the innovation sector and infrastructure
  • Investment clients’ satisfaction with TIQ services; their progress in international business dealings; and number of their investment deals assisted by TIQ
  • Increase the number of investment outcomes facilitated by the Queensland Government by 20% by 2022
Queensland on the global stage – drive export and investment growth by identifying global opportunities and promoting Queensland’s strengths to the world
  • Foster relationships, partnerships and agreements with global stakeholders
  • Deliver relevant initiatives and events across Queensland and offshore to promote the state, and its individual regions, as a pro-business location and a hub of world-class suppliers
  • In collaboration with stakeholders, arrange effective international inbound and outbound missions that achieve export and investment outcomes
  • Identify, systematically communicate, and capitalise on key trade and investment opportunities
  • Promote Queensland as an international destination for business and skilled migrants
  • Manage Study Queensland brand and promotion of Queensland as a study destination
  • Satisfaction of Ministerial mission participants with TIQ services
  • Overall government stakeholder satisfaction with advice on, and support to intergovernmental issues on trade and investment promotion
  • Number of international inbound and outbound missions organised, or significantly assisted by, TIQ
  • Number of large international events organised, or significantly assisted by TIQ
A well-functioning TIQ
  • Lead an agile and flexible organisation that operates with integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Enable effective and efficient governance, processes and business systems by embracing new technologies
  • Foster an inclusive and collaborative organisational culture through an empowered workforce that operates across a globally dispersed environment
  • Working for Queensland survey results