TIQ’s Code of Conduct is aligned to the principles and values outlined in the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994:

  • integrity and impartiality
  • promoting the public good
  • commitment to the system of government
  • accountability and transparency.

TIQ’s Code of Conduct gives staff a framework to ensure the organisation maintains its professional standards. The code outlines the expectations for all staff and provides information on the ethical values and behaviour required in TIQ’s daily business activities. Adherence to these values is fundamental in building a relationship of trust between industry, government and the community.

The code applies to all staff as well as to TIQ Board members, contractors and volunteers. Information on the Code of Conduct is provided to all new employees during their induction and electronic copies are available for ongoing reference. TIQ policies, procedures and practices are also aligned with the Code of Conduct.

Managers monitor adherence by employees to the Code of Conduct and achievement of performance expectations regarding their conduct. If the code is breached, it triggers performance management, with the outcome ranging from counselling to termination of employment.