Missions led by a Queensland Government Minister promote Queensland and its status as a world-class destination for investment and a source of world-class products and services. These missions are key tools in the process of helping Queensland businesses enter markets and identify business opportunities.

Trade and Investment Queensland Notes 2017–18
Est. Actual
Service area:
Trade and Investment missions
Service standards
Effectiveness measure
Overall level of satisfaction of Ministerial mission participants with the missions delivered by TIQ 1 75% 90% 75%
Efficiency measure
Cost per hour of Ministerial mission coordination 2 New measure New measure $105.00



  1. This service standard measures the level of satisfaction with the timeliness and consistency of advice and services to produce an overall satisfaction result. Ministerial mission participants include Queensland Ministers, directors-general and Queensland business delegates.
  2. This is a new measure of efficiency. This service standard measures costs incurred by trade and investment missions in supporting Minister-led overseas missions. Costs include full-time equivalent salaries of TIQ Queensland-based staff, with a primary focus on the planning and delivery of Ministerial-led overseas missions and Governor visit programs, divided by the number of hours taken to deliver these services.