A framework for collaboration

TIQ is responsible for delivering the 36 initiatives in the International Education and Training Strategy to Advance Queensland 2016–2026.

The IET Strategy provides a framework for collaboration between industry and government to grow the international education and training sector, while also enhancing the state’s reputation as a leading global provider of international education and training services.

It represents the most comprehensive suite of support for international education and training in Queensland’s history. The initiatives are focused around four strategic imperatives: promoting Queensland, enhancing student experience, growing the regions, and connecting the industry.

The Queensland Government has committed $25.3 million to the IET Strategy over five years.

Key achievements in implementing the IET Strategy during 2017–18 included:

  • developing and launching a whole-of-state branding framework under the Study Queensland brand
  • holding the second annual International Education and Training Summit for more than 240 stakeholders in Cairns in June 2018
  • implementing the 2017–2018 Global Partnership Plan and launching the 2018–2019 Global Partnership Plan
  • opening student hubs at Brisbane, Cairns and Gold Coast locations
  • creating the first Study Queensland ‘digital influencers’ program and staging an agent pitch event as part of the Trade 2018 Program for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • delivering two rounds of the $1.2 million per annum IET Partnership Fund, which supported 29 projects in 2017–18
  • developing new data and research to support the sector in making informed decisions on market strategy and risk, including quarterly data releases that compare Queensland growth to other states
  • launching the ‘Start here. Go anywhere’ campaign to convey a strong message that Queensland is a starting point for empowerment to take on any challenge
  • supporting IET growth in regional areas by working with 15 local governments to deliver programs, including the first International Student Welcome in Toowoomba, and Study Rockhampton
  • convening three meetings of the Queensland International Student Advisory Panel to provide a student perspective on the rollout of the IET Strategy and to develop the International Students Meet Parliament event in October 2017, the IET Summit and other student-facing projects.

Looking ahead, TIQ anticipates that 2018–19 will be a year of consolidation, with a strong focus on implementing the new Study Queensland brand.

Additionally, 30 priority markets will be in the spotlight, with cross-market initiatives to focus efforts in markets where Queensland is performing well and identifying opportunities to strengthen Queensland’s competitiveness in the global market place.

A copy of the IET Strategy can be found at www.tiq.qld.gov.au/iet-strategy/