TIQ is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse, inclusive and capable workforce able to deliver economic and employment benefits for Queensland through trade and investment activities.

TIQ is continuing to align workforce planning with our commitments under the Advancing Trade and Investment – Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022 and the International Education and Training Strategy to Advance Queensland 2016–2026. An Establishment Management Committee approves the initiation and oversight of all recruitment activity and ensures that consistency and transparency are applied to all decisions.

TIQ has developed a Workforce Mobility Framework to guide how the workforce can transition to new and improved ways of working. Project teams are a common operating model across TIQ, particularly for managing major events and other high-value projects. Employees are engaged to enable TIQ to deliver on Queensland Government priorities and our organisational objectives.

TIQ will continue to align the design of the workforce with strategic priorities in 2018–19, based on transparency, flexibility to meet emerging needs and the aim of maximising development opportunities for employees.