TIQ’s International Business Advisory Program connects ambitious Queensland exporters with business mentors in international markets.

The program offers short placements in 3 TIQ overseas offices to enable graduates and SME staff to learn new skills, build new partnerships and become familiar with an international market.

You’ll get:

  • access to senior business leaders and their networks
  • expert market advice and guidance relevant to your sector
  • 4 mentoring sessions of up to 2 hours each, by phone or video
  • a rare and cost-effective way to fast-track your export learning curve.

Mentoring sessions will take place from July to December 2019.

Applications are now closed!

Read more about the program, including the requirements, benefits, costs and application criteria in the program guidelines.

About the program

The International Business Advisory Program connects Queensland SMEs with expert advice and guidance from mentors in their target markets and helps them fast-track their international expansion plans.

The pilot program in 2019 is aimed at companies with plans to expand into India or Indonesia in the mining and resources, education and training, innovation, or food and agribusiness sectors.

The program connects Queensland SMEs with high-quality international mentors in order to gain valuable market intelligence and help them break into new growth markets.

The International Business Advisory Program is 1 of the 22 initiatives of the Advancing Trade and Investment – Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.


These guidelines include information on:

  • the program location and duration
  • program activities
  • reporting requirements
  • costs
  • benefits
  • eligibility
  • selection process.


For the 2019 program, Queensland businesses will be applying for mentoring expertise in exporting to either India or Indonesia. The mentor will be based in-market while the Queensland-based business (mentee) will be required to undertake mentoring sessions via online platforms preferred by both parties, such as video links, telephone etc.

Selected mentees may request to use TIQ facilities in Brisbane or its regional offices to undertake these sessions. Approval will be subject to availability.

Program duration and timing

The program will begin in July 2019 and end by December 2019.

Mentors and mentees will be guided through an initial onboarding process in July or August.

Mentees will then be required to organise subsequent mentoring sessions on dates and times suitable to both parties.

Mentors will be available for 4 mentoring sessions of 2 hours each over the 6-month period.

The 6-month period has been allocated to allow selected companies to progress the advice they receive and test new market-development activities while still having access to the mentor.

Number of places available

For the 2019 program, 2 Queensland businesses will be selected in each of the India and Indonesia markets, meaning 4 Queensland companies will participate in this year’s program.


Queensland businesses applying for the mentoring program should have a rationale for choosing their target market for export and should have already undertaken a reasonable amount of research to support their export interests. This should be outlined in the application form.

Mentees should be prepared to actively undertake export development research and activities during the 6-month mentoring period to be able to maximise the advice and support available through the mentors.

During onboarding, the mentee, mentor and TIQ will develop a short project plan, including goals and milestones, to be signed by all parties.

Undertaking a visit to the market during or shortly after the mentoring sessions is highly recommended and a visit program would be supported by the TIQ office in-market.

Reporting requirements

Following the 6-month mentoring program, mentees will be required to provide TIQ with a short program report summarising the export-development research and activities undertaken during their participation in the program.

The report will also include a summary of how the mentoring program has benefited the business to further their export interests.

The participating Queensland business is required to provide TIQ with details of market achievements for 3 years following their participation in the program to measure the effectiveness of the program and to discuss any further assistance TIQ may be able to provide.

Queensland businesses may be requested to provide information to TIQ for marketing purposes before, during and after the program.

The participating businesses may be surveyed within 12 months of completion of the project.


For the 2019 program, TIQ will pay all costs associated with recruiting senior mentors in-market and the associated administration costs.

The Queensland business undertaking the mentoring program is required to pay a commitment fee of $750 upon final selection, of which $500 will be reimbursed to the business upon completion of the mentoring sessions.

The Queensland business undertaking the mentoring program is responsible for any internal costs associated with their export plans to the market, including but not limited to representatives travelling to market and export-development activities undertaken.


The program will provide Queensland businesses with access to an experienced individual in their targeted export market, relevant to their sector, who will share their expertise and advice with the business to achieve specific export goals.

The mentor’s market knowledge, access to networks and government resources are intended to assist companies to progress opportunities, tailor export-development activities to market and navigate potential barriers.

Benefits to Queensland participants include:

  • a low-cost offering to access an accomplished senior mentor in-market
  • valuable insights directly from sector/market experts
  • increased international market exposure for your business
  • widened networks and support from both the mentor and the Queensland Government to progress export goals.


To qualify, your Queensland business must:

  • have a trading history of a minimum of 3 years and be deemed export-ready by TIQ
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • have fewer than 200 employees
  • have Queensland headquarters or significant Queensland operations.

Selection process

A selection panel will be convened for each market, comprising representatives from within TIQ and from external organisations. The panel will review applications and select Queensland businesses based on the following criteria:

Queensland businesses may be interviewed by the panel if required and 2 businesses will be selected for each market.


Applications are now closed!

For more information phone +61 7 3514 3022 or email us at businessadvisorycircle@tiq.qld.gov.au.