TIQ is proud to present the 2017 Queensland International Business Series (QIBS) from 16 to 26 October.

QIBS is a series of events on the topic of international trade and investment, providing opportunities for Queensland businesses to:

  • receive the latest market information on export opportunities, global investment and world trade
  • meet Queensland’s overseas trade and investment commissioners (usually based in TIQ’s offices around the world, but visiting especially for QIBS events)
  • network with senior industry and government figures, building local and global trade and investment contacts.

Events are being held around Brisbane and regional Queensland, and will deliver trade and investment insights across a range of industry sectors, including:

  • international education
  • mining and resources
  • food and agriculture
  • urban development
  • the burgeoning innovation and knowledge sector.

Events are being hosted by bilateral chambers, industry groups, economic development groups and other TIQ partners.

Don’t miss this opportunity to build local and global trade and investment networks through valuable conversations with peers, specialists and business leaders.

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