An innovative plastic grid developed to stabilise wet ground on Queensland farms is now selling worldwide, with Latin America the latest market to adopt the Diamond Grid.

Brisbane-based Diamond Grid International manufactures 100% recycled polypropylene grids that are now being used to reduce erosion and stabilise soil in mining, construction, agricultural, civil engineering and domestic environments.

Diamond Grid CEO Ben Kirkup said the product was being sold in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, with manufacturing plants established in Argentina and Brazil and more facilities planned over the next 12 months.

He said Queensland companies wanting to enter the Latin American market should get involved in trade events to expose their product.

‘I would recommend attending the major trade shows, conferences and expos to enter the market, present your product well and make the most of all the expressions of interest you receive at these events,’ Mr Kirkup said.

‘Also, finding a reputable local distributor or partner that has established connections and has the trust of the local industry will save time and money in the start-up process.’

Diamond grids were originally developed to solve problems with muddy areas such as cattle yards and farm driveways.

The interlocking surface of grids creates a multilayered drainage system, leaving a solid surface that is dry and secure even with constant use and in heavy rainfall.

Today, they are used by landscapers, mining companies, government departments, construction companies and others to stabilise access roads, driveways, shed floors and more.

The grids are also an affordable way to increase the load-bearing capacity of dirt areas and reduce maintenance costs.

TIQ CEO Virginia Greville congratulated Diamond Grid on its export success in Latin America, which was supported by TIQ’s Latin America office in Santiago.

‘TIQ introduced Diamond Grid to new clients in Chile, Peru, Brazil and Argentina,’ Ms Greville said.

‘This has resulted in the business expanding into the Latin American market, where it has secured a number of deals.

‘It’s another great example of Queenslanders using their ingenuity to successfully solve a problem that affects a number of industries.’

Queensland’s exports to Latin America grew by 6.6% in 2015–16 to $996.9 million.

Diamond Grid also exports to the New Zealand, Africa, Asia and the United States.

Supporting exports is a key goal of the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.

For information on getting your product into overseas markets, connect with TIQ today.