STARup is a gathering of over 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate representatives, government officials and influencers from Indian, Asian and European start-up business ecosystems.

STARup is the ultimate networking experience, ensuring you meet the right people, in the right business atmosphere through effective curation. Experienced entrepreneurs, active investors, institutions, influencers, facilitators and of course corporate representatives gather with only one agenda – TO DO BUSINESS.

Attend sessions, be part of workshops, engage in roundtable sessions, join panels, set up 1-on-1 meetings, pitch and, of course, network.

Event details

Date Friday 12–Saturday 13 June 2020
Location Mumbai (venue TBC)
Cost Start-up delegate: INR 5000 (~103 AUD)
Corporate delegate: INR 10,000 (~205 AUD)
Visitor: INR 1000 (~21 AUD)
Corporate exhibitor: INR 250,000 (~5110 AUD)



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