Queensland’s small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have until 23 September to make submissions to a parliamentary inquiry exploring barriers facing Australian businesses that want to export to overseas markets or attract investment.

The Trade and Investment Growth Committee is interested to hear how the Australian Government is facilitating trade and investment – with a focus on new and rapidly growing areas of export – and what they can do better.

Queensland SMEs are encouraged to contribute their thoughts to the inquiry.

The committee is keen to:

  • understand Australian businesses’ ambitions to grow via export and attracting investment
  • identify local regulatory barriers to businesses realising their ambitions
  • identify best-practice regulation that supports export and investment growth while protecting the national interest.

The committee is made up of 9 MPs drawn from both sides of federal politics.

The inquiry was announced on 31 July and will accept submissions until Monday 23 September.

A previous federal inquiry looked at how government can best help Australia’s SMEs take advantage of the export opportunities created by free trade agreements (FTAs).

It found that future FTAs should do more to address the trade barriers facing Australia’s SMEs, and made 10 recommendations to improve trade outcomes for smaller businesses.

Increasing Queensland’s share of national overseas exports and increasing foreign direct investment in Queensland are both goals of the Queensland Government’s Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.