Queensland may be a long way from Kenya, but skilled migrant Beverly Wambui Kabuya Muito says there’s a ‘golden strand’ that links her work in a Sunshine Coast pharmacy to her professional life back in Nairobi.

Beverly emigrated to Queensland in 2015 with the support of TIQ’s Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) team.

She says the move, with daughter Kuni, was prompted by a desire for a better life.

‘It really comes down to pursuing better opportunities for myself and my daughter, and exploring the options available to me as a professional,’ she says.

‘It is said that the world is your oyster, and my parents always told us that education is your foot in the door – it is the key. So I guess I just wanted to put that to the test!’

Beverly was a pharmacist at a large government psychiatric hospital in Nairobi and now works in a retail pharmacy on the Sunshine Coast.

She says that while some things are different here, other important factors are the same.

‘The most notable difference is the resources available – or, actually, the lack of resources in Kenya – for promoting healthy communities, and the difficulties local communities faced in accessing the services and medications they required,’ she says.

‘The golden strand that links both working environments is maximising the resources one has, and doing the best you can to not only provide medication to the community but to empower and educate people to be responsible for their own health, and better understand the health issues facing them, or their loved ones.’

Beverly says her move to Australia has been challenging but rewarding, and encourages others considering skilled migration to persist if they are confident that Queensland is for them.

‘The biggest challenge has been being a solo parent and not having the family support system,’ she says.

‘But, at the same time, the biggest success has been how well we have settled in and feel at home here.

‘We have begun to find our place and voice in the community and we have grown.

‘My advice is not to give up. It is worth it in the end!’

To read more of Beverly and Kuni’s story, see our full interview with Beverly on Medium.

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