Yatala food manufacturer Frosty Boy, best known for its dessert, beverage and savoury powder bases, has released two nutritional supplements aimed at both domestic and overseas markets.

The company’s new Wellboost™ Care Plus and Wellboost™ Immuno Plus powders can be mixed with low-fat milk or water to create a nutrition-enhancing drink or added to a wide range of foods to give meals a nutritional boost.

The powders are currently being promoted to the healthcare industry and retail markets in Australia with plans to export in the near future.

Frosty Boy Managing Director Dirk Pretorius said the new products had been under development for some time.

‘We’ve been working for about a year on developing nutritional supplements that support health and can boost the immune system,’ Mr Pretorius said.

‘It’s been a great opportunity for Frosty Boy because we’re experts in blending powders and there’s been interest in us developing a health product from our existing customers around the world.

‘We produced 10,000 units in our first run in early April and there’s another big production run coming, numbering in the tens of thousands, so we’re very committed to this.’

Mr Pretorius said Wellboost™ Care Plus contains 25 vitamins and minerals plus a probiotic, while Wellboost™ Immuno Plus also contains dietary fibre (Inulin) and Lactoferrin which supports immune health.

The tins of beverage powders are being sold to wholesale and retail buyers through pharmacies, supermarkets and online shops.

Mr Pretorius said the Australian market for highly nutritious meal replacements is currently dominated by imported brands.

‘The two major brands – Sustagen and Ensure – are both made in Europe, so we feel there’s an opportunity for our Australian-made product,’ he said.

‘All the recent campaigns like #MakingItforQueensland will be very helpful for us to boost the Australian manufacturing industry and make sure we look after our own companies here and support them.’

Mr Pretorius said the company was keen to pursue export opportunities for the new products once the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic begins to ease.

‘Before COVID-19, 70% of our business was in 65 countries and there are opportunities there to promote these new products as nutritional alternatives to boost people’s immune system during these times,’ he said.

‘Everywhere we have someone to talk to – places like India, Brazil, the Middle East – we’re promoting these products and seeing what we can do.’

Mr Pretorius said the 2 new products were just the beginning of Frosty Boy’s move into health foods.

‘Long term, we’ve got lots of different variations roadmapped to start working on, potentially including vegan, kids and sports blends of these products,’ he said.

‘We’re also agile enough to produce products specifically for different parts of the world depending on what they require – things such as clean labels, no added sugar – which is why we’ve had such strong interest internationally.’

Frosty Boy is a previous finalist at the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards, and has had recent success establishing its Indian operations.

TIQ has worked with Frosty Boy on its expansion into various overseas markets.

Supporting Queensland exporters is a priority under the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.