The Happy Snack Company's wide rangeEnglish shoppers will be able to buy healthier snacks with the news that pulse-based munchies from Queensland’s Happy Snack Company are now stocked in leading UK supermarket Sainsbury’s.

Landsborough-based Happy Snack manufactures innovative, healthy snacks for children and adults, using chickpeas and fava beans grown and processed in Queensland.

Happy Snack CEO Craig Agnew said that the company’s roasted chickpeas and fava beans were very different from other snacks available in the UK market.

‘Most children’s snacks in the UK are fruit-based and contain quite a lot of sugar, while other traditional savoury snacks tend to be high in fat and salt,’ he said.

‘Our products are genuinely healthy – low in sugar, high in protein, and free from all 14 major allergens.

‘Our company’s goal is to deliver healthy foods for UK families that taste great and are fun to eat.

‘There’s nothing similar in the UK market, and that is a really strong selling point.’

Mr Agnew said the company had spent two years planning its entry into the UK market, and the meticulous approach had paid off.

‘We put a lot of time and thought into pricing, which needed to be right for retail while still factoring in all the necessary tariffs and supermarket margins,’ he said.

‘We also did a lot of work on logistics to get our supply chain just right, identifying a freight company that had a presence in both Australia and the UK.

‘Last but not least, we established a presence on the ground in the UK to promote our products and liaise directly with potential buyers.

‘And it’s all paid off – it’s very exciting to now have fantastic shelf space in one of the UK’s most iconic supermarket chains.’

Happy Snack began operations in 1992 and built a new Queensland facility in 2015 to cope with growth and ensure all products are allergen-free.

The Sainsbury’s deal will see the Happy Snack Kid’s Lunchbox range on show in over 350 Sainsbury stores across the UK by the end of this month.

TIQ’s London office is working with Happy Snack to promote Australian food products and to support the company’s local marketing team.

Supporting Queensland companies to increase exports is one of the key priorities of the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.