A Sunshine Coast business is becoming an industry leader in smart beehive technology after developing an insulated hive that helps Australian native stingless bees survive Queensland’s heatwaves.

The hive design not only looks innovative but provides a better environment for native bees than regular timber hives because its insulation materials ensure the hive maintains a stable temperature.

Hive Haven Managing Director Ann Ross said the company spent four years developing their stingless native beehive, which has applications in Australia and throughout Asia.

‘Our hives are quite unique in that they have got a hollow insulation cavity which we fill with gel,’ Ms Ross said.

‘This can also be used in cold climates, where the cavity is filled with a liquid and we can put a small heater in there.’

Hive Haven is located at the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast and the native beehives are being manufactured on the Sunshine Coast. Ms Ross said there were many advantages to being located within the innovation centre, which is based at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

‘There are a lot of researchers and engineers at the uni that have donated their time to get this native beehive up and running and I would have to attribute a lot of Hive Haven’s success to having that mentoring and to being a member of the innovation centre.

‘It has been a community effort.’

With support from TIQ’s Middle East office, Hive Haven showcased their hives at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Abu Dhabi earlier this year.

‘Like many regions around the world, the United Arab Emirate bee industry is in trouble due to increasing summer temperatures, with bees dying from heat stress,’ Ms Ross said.

‘Hive Haven was identified as a company shaping the future of farming and we had an opportunity to present in the Middle East to investors, scientists and industry leaders.

‘It is a huge boost knowing our work here in Queensland has been noticed overseas.’

Supporting Queensland exporters is one of the key goals of the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.