The World Hospital Congress' Tung Wah Hospital Delegation

Delegates from Hong Kong’s Tung Wah Hospital with TIQ and Mater Hospital staff during a site visit organised by TIQ.

Two delegations from Hong Kong health institutions attended the 42nd World Hospital Congress in Brisbane recently at TIQ’s invitation.

The World Hospital Congress is a global event that brings together health leaders from around the world to network, share experiences, and develop excellence in health care and hospital leadership.

The delegations, from the Hong Kong Hospital Authority and Tung Wah Hospital, were in town to attend the congress and participate in site visits and meetings with local health providers facilitated by

Hong Kong Hospital Authority manages all government hospitals and institutes in Hong Kong, including 43 hospitals and institutions, more than 100 out-patient clinics, and some 28,000 beds.

Authority delegates visiting Brisbane included Dr Tony Ko, Director of Cluster Services, and Dr NT Cheung, Chief Information Officer and Head of Information Technology and Health Information.

Tung Wah Hospital is Hong Kong’s oldest and largest charitable organisation, and offers a range of care, including elderly services, youth and family services, and rehabilitation.

Mr Anders Yuen, General Manager of Nursing, led the Tung Wah delegation.

Site visits for the Hong Kong Health Authority delegation included the Hear and Say Centre in Ashgrove, one of the world’s leading paediatric auditory-verbal and cochlear implant centres, where they learned about services that may complement a new children’s hospital development in Hong Kong.

They also explored digital and e-health initiatives during visits to the Queensland Department of Health and the Princess Alexandra Hospital, which impressed delegates with a fully digital hospital management platform and dashboards.

The Tung Wah delegation was in Brisbane to investigate potential collaboration opportunities, including training, particularly in geriatric care.

Their program included visits to St Vincent’s Care Services and St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Seasons Aged Care, Care College, and Bolton Clarke, who are experts in at-home support.

Rounding out their program were visits to the Hear and Say Centre and to the Mater Young Adult Health Centre, which provides adolescents and young adults with clinical care and tailored support programs.

TIQ extended the invitation to the Hong Kong health providers to visit Brisbane during the Queensland Silver Industry Mission to China and Hong Kong in November 2017.

TIQ staff will continue to work with both the Hong Kong delegates and local businesses to pursue business partnerships.

Health care is identified as one of Queensland’s emerging export strengths in the Advancing Trade and Investment – Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.