Student opportunities

Going Global – Enhancing the intercultural business capabilities of Queensland Entrepreneurs and Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Liz Day 2018-19 Round 2, Queensland Whole

This project will showcase Queensland’s urban and regional education and entrepreneurship opportunities to Indian entrepreneurs and India’s business environment to Queensland entrepreneurs and help them transition to the next stage of career development or internationalize their business. This project will enhance Queensland-India relationships through a sustainable program that provides opportunities for networking and business partnerships for Indian women entrepreneurs and …

Digital Training & Mentorship

Digital Training & Mentorship for Integration of Internationally Trained Professionals into the Queensland Workforce

Liz Day 2018-19 Round 2, Queensland Whole

This project will provide an evidence-based solution for equipping internationally trained workers the sociocultural, leadership and communication skills that are necessary for successful integration into the Queensland workforce. As is the rest of Australia, Queensland is facing an acute shortage of healthcare workers, especially in regional, rural and remote areas. To address the current and projected shortfall the consortium lead, …

Investigating the impact of volunteering experiences on international work placements

Liz Day 2017-18 Round 2, Brisbane

Consortium: International Volunteering Australia International students contribute greatly to Australia’s cultural diversity and richness. It is therefore important to support them throughout their study and in particular their workplace experiences. Volunteering has been proven to be one way work placement for international students can be enhanced. This project aims to improve international students’ workplace experience by providing quality volunteering opportunities …

Enhancing the Experience of International Higher Degree Research Candidates at Queensland Universities

Brisbane Student Hub

Liz Day 2017-18 Round 2, Brisbane

Consortium: Brisbane Student Hub Consortium This project will diversify the services of the Brisbane Student Hub through a new outreach activities that enable students to engage out in the community and through events at study institutions across Brisbane.

Study Greater Whitsundays Cluster Feasibility Project

Study Greater Whitsundays Cluster Feasibility Project

Liz Day 2017-18 Round 1, Multiple Regions, Regional

Consortium: Study Greater Whitsundays Consortium members: Greater Whitsunday Alliance Limited, Mackay Regional Council, Isaac Regional Council, Whitsunday Regional Council, Central Queensland University This project will review best practice approaches to developing a study cluster and developing a framework from which it will operate. The project will engage through industry workshops and one-on-one meetings and develop an implementation plan for short …

Study Toowoomba International Hackathon

Liz Day 2017-18 Round 1, Toowoomba

Consortium: Study Toowoomba Consortium members: Toowoomba Regional Council, University of Southern Queensland, TAFE Queensland South West, Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise The Study Toowoomba International Hackathon will be a 3-day event that teams international students with local residents to answer the challenge: “You are the CEO of Study Toowoomba. Your board has given you 90 days to make, create and …

Rainbow Hub

Rainbow Hub

Liz Day 2017-18 Round 1, Brisbane

Consortium Name: ELICOS LGBTQI Support Group Consortium Members: English Australia, Open Doors, MDA This project will develop a space to provide a physical point of connection and lead to the development of support groups for international LGBTQI students. The space is to be named the ‘Rainbow Hub’ and located at the Brisbane Student Hub (State Library of Queensland). It will …

Toowoomba, Queensland Japanese Gardens

Study Toowoomba City Welcome Event and Ambassador Program

Simone Wight 2016-17 Pilot Round, Toowoomba

Consortium: Toowoomba Regional Council (Lead), University of Southern Queensland, TAFE Queensland South West The launch of Study Townsville and the International Student Welcome Event sought to unite education providers with local government and supporting organisations to present a stronger, more sustainable, multicultural and friendly destination for international students. The community was invited to share the Welcome Event Celebrations, which facilitated …