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Townsville catches Marine Science talent

Simone Wight IET Partnership Fund, News

Townsville is a world-recognised centre of tropical marine research excellence. The St Patrick’s College Townsville Aquaculture Initiative will build on efforts by the industry to attract the best international students to Townsville by providing quality programs and lifestyle options, and pathways for employment both in Queensland and overseas.

The Initiative will recruit students from Papua New Guinea to study the marine science program at St Patrick’s College with a direct pathway to marine science degree courses at James Cook University.

Students of the program will be equipped to undertake careers in conservation biology and policy, environmental and resource management, impact assessment, fisheries biology, ecosystem restoration, improving the world’s food security and developing sustainable livelihood alternatives.

Alumni are expected to become experts in their field who can tackle aquaculture problems in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and internationally.

The long-term benefits of this project are many. This project will boost international enrolments in the marine science field to schools and universities in the region.

It will also strengthen networks in business and marine science; and create a link between industry, schools and universities to promote clear and exciting employment pathways after graduation.

At the same time, the project will focus on finding ways to solve long-term environmental issues that impact on the Pacific region. For example, issues such as food security and the deterioration of reefs in Australia and internationally.

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