Brisbane company Immersive Robotics (IMR) has been signed up by one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers to help progress the next generation of paper-thin TV screens.

IMR specialises in wireless video innovation, and is working on a technology solution that will allow the large components typically found behind a flatscreen TV to be removed to a separate, connector box.

Data will then be delivered wirelessly to ultra-slim TV screens that can be hung like paintings or posters in a wide range of locations, with the connector box hidden out of sight elsewhere.

TIQ supported IMR to secure the deal, which will see the Fortitude Valley start-up working with one of the world’s largest electronics firms.

TIQ Acting CEO Richard Watson said TIQ was delighted to help a world-class Queensland business get over the line with a global electronics brand.

‘We provided on-the-ground support during market visits by IMR, helping to progress their discussions and successfully close their negotiations on what is arguably a landmark deal,’ he said.

‘It’s an incredible achievement for a Queensland start-up that was only established 5 years ago.’

IMR Co-founder Dr Daniel Fitzgerald said TIQ had helped the company progress in delicate negotiations better than it ever could have done alone.

‘We have the talent and the skills to develop world-class solutions, but we required TIQ’s in-country connections to engage effectively,’ he said.

‘TIQ provided tangible support during deal negotiations and helped with communications and advice to solve complex issues around formalising our agreement.

‘While I can’t name our client for commercial reasons, I think it’s safe to say that IMR will be contributing to the development of an innovative product to be sold globally.

‘We are incredibly excited about the project and very grateful for TIQ’s support.’

TIQ is supporting IMR with their international activities in a number of markets.

The company’s proprietary wireless compression algorithm enables the delivery of premium wireless video at an unprecedented low latency.

Supporting start-ups and Queensland’s tech sector are priorities under the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017-2022.

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