In a tough, globally competitive environment, a strong and resilient core of Queensland businesses have made a successful transition into the production of sophisticated, high-value goods.

The move to advanced manufacturing contributes to greater productivity, the retention and growth of a highly skilled workforce and the creation of well-paid jobs.

Queensland’s established network of research and development institutions, skilled workforce and infrastructure base supports innovation in areas such as nanotechnology.

Queensland is well placed to encourage the development of profitable new products, services and industries and capitalise on the recent trend in advanced economies towards the on-shoring and capability building of advanced manufacturing.

Ferra Engineering

Case study

Ferra Engineering

Brisbane-based manufacturing company Ferra Engineering is a specialist in providing engineering services and designing, manufacturing and assembling aerospace structures and sub-systems.

A leader in the field, Ferra supplies some of the largest organisations in the world, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Gumman and Airbus, and exports make up more than 80% of its business.


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