Start now – that was the advice given to Ipswich tech businesses who are thinking of going global at a recent business networking event.

Ipswich start-ups and other businesses headed to the Fire Station 101 Ipswich Innovation Hub on 31 August to get some general exporting tips as well as some key insights into the tech market.

TIQ Brisbane trade and investment advisor Elisa Henderson, who presented with TIQ colleagues at the event, said some advice applied to all hopeful exporters.

‘To be successful, every exporter needs to understand their customers, their competitors, overseas requirements, pricing, and the supply chain,’ she said.

‘We’d also encourage them to take advantage of the support and resources available through TIQ and organisations such as Austrade, the Export Council of Australia, industry associations and expat networks in other countries.’

Elisa was joined on the day by Ipswich Region advisor Julie Mark and fellow TIQ Brisbane advisor Sean Bohannon.

Julie said Ipswich businesses could also access a range of incentives that specifically target the tech sector.

‘In the case of tech start-ups, there’s a real push both in Queensland and globally to foster innovation and to put mentoring programs and financial incentives in place to help grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem,’ she said.

‘For example, Austrade’s Landing Pads program provides Australian start-ups with free access to residencies in innovation hubs around the world.

‘And the Queensland Government offers a range of incentives through its Advance Queensland program.’

Participants at the workshop also heard by video-link from TIQ Taiwan’s Business Development Manager Sabrina Li, who is based in Taipei.

Sabrina provided an overview of Taiwan’s start-up and innovation ecosystem, highlighting several opportunities for Queensland start-ups to engage with the market.

In closing the presentation, Sean emphasised that getting started was the most important part of the export journey, and advised Ipswich businesses to seize the opportunities available now.

‘Get started today,’ he said

‘Even if going global is a longer term goal, it’s best to start thinking about it now.’

The TIQ team also met on the day with Ipswich-based HoloSpace, a New Zealand 3D holographics company that set up in Ipswich after securing a Queensland Government Hot DesQ grant to locate here.

Providing export training for regional business is one of 22 initiatives identified in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.

Tech start-ups can also contact TIQ’s Urban Infrastructure and Knowledge Industries team for specialist advice and support.