Japan’s NRI Robotics is working with Charters Towers School of Distance Education to trial the use of face-to-face communication robots to give distance-ed students a better learning experience.

The school already uses a range of innovative technology to support its 2,200 distance-ed students, but no current system gives teachers ‘real-life’ views of student groups in real time.

Movable NRI (Nomura Research Institute) robots will give teachers free-angle views of student groups in off-site locations, and enable isolated students (eg those in very remote locations or with disabilities that prevent travel) to better participate in virtual classrooms with other students.

Speaking to the Townsville Bulletin, NRI senior consultant Daisuke Yajima said NRI was interested in the global experience in education, and Queensland was ideal for trialling the robots in a distance education setting.

‘We did market research and we found the opportunity for using the robot,’ Mr Yajima said.

‘Charters Towers is the best place to incubate this business in the educational area.’

Announcing the trial, NRI said that the new system would make it easier for teachers to provide classes to groups, and allow them to keep tabs on students’ concentration and understanding by observing their expressions and behaviours.

NRI is a leading international provider of software and systems solutions, and is the parent company of Australian ICT company ASG Group Limited.

TIQ introduced NRI to the Charters Towers School of Distance Education, with TIQ Japan, TIQ Brisbane and TIQ Townsville all contributing to the successful outcome.

TIQ has also introduced a number of Queensland software development companies to NRI for potential partnerships on future stages of the project.

The robot trial started this month and is scheduled to end in August, with the goal of sending the service live in early 2019.

Queensland is a world leader in using innovative technology to deliver services such as education, healthcare and aged care over long distances, and this expertise is increasingly attractive to global investors and buyers.

Supporting innovation is also a priority of the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.

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