Callers approaching TIQ for business advice should find it easier to navigate their export or investment journeys following the launch of TIQ’s new concierge service this month.

TIQ CEO Virginia Greville said the new service was designed to quickly connect Queensland and international companies with the right services to help them with their export or investment enquiries.

‘Surveys have found that business people sometimes find it difficult to know which government agency or private organisation they should approach for help at different points in their export or investment journeys,’ she said.

‘In response, we are introducing this new service for callers or those who contact us through our website to refer them to the right place to meet their needs, whether that’s inside or outside of TIQ, in government or in the private sector.

‘This new service will be a pilot so that we can see how it works and adjust it if necessary to best meet business needs.’

Ms Greville said more than 200 companies, individuals and prospective investors a month contact TIQ looking for advice and assistance.

‘Many companies are not yet export- or investment-ready, and many investors are just beginning to explore Queensland’s opportunities,’ she said.

‘But we still want to make sure they get the best possible advice and help, so that our Queensland businesses can be successful exporters and attractive investment projects, and international investors can get the information and introductions they need.

‘Our new concierge will be able to assess their needs and connect them to one of TIQ’s expert advisors, or to another organisation if that’s more appropriate.’

Enquiries to TIQ’s concierge service can be made through the TIQ website, or by telephoning (07) 3514 3147.

The concierge service is one of 22 initiatives in the $35 million Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.