A new state government funding program will give international filmmakers another incentive to use Queensland’s post-production facilities, with a 10% rebate now available for major projects.

The new Post, Digital and Visual Effects Attraction Grant (PDV-AG) is open to eligible international and national film and television projects that spend a minimum of $500,000 on PDV.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the new rebate would put Queensland in a competitive position to attract large international and national post-production projects.

‘We have a track record of attracting productions to film in Queensland and we want to build on that momentum and provide a one-stop shop for productions to make their entire projects here, right through to post-production,’ the Premier said.

‘Similar incentives overseas and interstate have seen the establishment of post-production hubs in those areas, contributing to a lucrative global industry worth US$15 billion annually.

‘We will continue to work closely and collaboratively with the Queensland post-production sector to leverage this opportunity worldwide.’

Queensland is home to world-class PDV companies and facilities, with a wealth of talented specialists and a track record of delivering high-end international film and television productions.

For example, Brisbane’s Cutting Edge studio works on a wide range of international projects, and won the Creative Industries Award at the recent Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2018.

The Australian Government also offers a PDV offset, which can be combined with the Queensland incentive to create larger benefits for eligible companies.

Companies interested in Queensland’s PDV incentive should read the funding guidelines for the program before submitting an application.