Queensland businesses wanting to succeed in Hong Kong can find up-to-the-minute market analysis and tips in a new video released by TIQ.

Market Insights: Hong Kong features Julie-Anne Nichols, TIQ’s Trade and Investment Commissioner for Hong Kong and Macau, explaining key trends and opportunities in this prestigious Asian market.

Ms Nichols said that the Hong Kong Government’s vision for the future opened up real opportunities for Queensland exporters and Queensland businesses seeking investors.

‘Earlier this year the Hong Kong Government announced its annual budget, which is pinned to its 2030 strategy for driving Hong Kong to be a more competitive, a more liveable and a more sustainable Asia city,’ she said.

‘We are looking at opportunities in infrastructure, connectivity … in community and liveability development projects, as well as the software that supports the community of Hong Kong.’

Ms Nichols said that Hong Kong could offer a business pathway into other nearby countries, and urged businesses planning to enter one Asian market to think about broader regional opportunities.

‘I’d encourage Queensland companies to step back before they race ahead looking at a single market visit to understand those interconnectivities, and the influence that players in a certain market may have in a third market,’ she said.

‘Our Trade and Investment Queensland network is there to help you do that.’

The two-minute Market Insights: Hong Kong video is the first in a new series being produced by TIQ.