Imagine being able to reduce your workload by 92%.

This is what Brisbane-based startup Codebots can do for software engineers and developers.

‘A codebot can write approximately 92% of an application’s code base, that a human typically has to write,’ co-founder and CEO Eban Escott explained during the company’s pitch at Startup Thailand in late July.

‘We want to put the best tools in the hands of our designers and our software engineers, and use the bots to do the heavy lifting on the project and let the humans use their creativity.’

Codebots has its headquarters in the Brisbane suburb of Milton, and offices in Singapore and the UK.

Now, with TIQ’s help, they’re about to also break into the Thai market.

Codebots attended Startup Thailand 2019 with help from TIQ’s ASEAN office, which is based in Singapore and has networks throughout the ASEAN region.

TIQ staff introduced Codebots to the Head of Global Partnerships for Startup Thailand, a department under Thailand’s National Innovation Agency.

Through that introduction they were given the opportunity to not only present at the Startup Thailand event but also have their own exhibitor booth.

Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner for ASEAN Tom Calder said Codebots already has several business leads as a result of their trip.

‘It was a great opportunity for them to exhibit at Startup Thailand,’ Mr Calder said.

‘As a result, Codebots has fielded several enquiries from Thai companies about the application and how it can add value to their operations.’

TIQ’s ASEAN staff have also introduced Codebots to Singapore Power, a government-linked utility that runs the country’s power and gas supply.

‘We’re in the midst of linking Codebots to key Singaporean entities with legacy systems that need upgrading or transformation,’ Mr Calder said.

‘We’ve also shared Codebots’ technology with Thai companies, seeing as Thailand is moving towards digitisation.’

Digital technologies and start-ups are two of the emerging export strengths identified in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.