Japan-Queensland Memorandum of CooperationThe Queensland Government has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, providing new opportunities for growth in Queensland’s exports of agriculture and aquaculture industries.

The memorandum will further strengthen economic, trade and business relations especially for regional exporters and will seek to boost both Queensland and Japan’s exports of agricultural, food and fishery products into south-east Asian markets.

It will also allow Queensland and Japan to share knowledge and skills in a range of fields including crop cultivation, innovative technologies and supply chain transport and logistics.

Another key aspect of the memorandum is to encourage Japanese investment in collaborative agriculture and aquaculture projects in North Queensland.

As a region, North Queensland offers great diversity in the range of commodities being cultivated, counter seasonal production and proximity to south-east Asian markets which creates potential investment opportunities in aquaculture and the cultivation of culinary soy beans.

Last financial year, Queensland’s agricultural exports to Japan were valued at $1.5 billion with our primary producers providing 38% of Australia’s agriculture exports to Japan.

Trade and Investment Queensland’s Commissioner in Japan, Tak Adachi, has been working closely with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to facilitate the Memorandum of Cooperation and to expand Queensland’s relationship with the Japanese government.

Trade and Investment Queensland also continues to work directly with Queensland companies to promote their products to Japanese consumers.

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