TIQ represented Queensland alongside other global hydrogen leaders at the World Hydrogen Fuels Summit in Amsterdam this month.

The Amsterdam summit brought together more than 100 senior government and industry leaders from around the world with 30 expert speakers and 15 supporting associations, all of whom shared their advances in sustainable hydrogen projects and technology.

Hydrogen leaves only water when burned, presenting great potential as a clean fuel. However, it has traditionally been produced using fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide emissions during production. Many countries are now looking to hydrogen produced using renewable power as a sustainable fuel for transport, power generation and other industrial uses.

Queensland is an Australian leader in green hydrogen, with a hydrogen industry strategy and a number of research and pilot projects underway in conjunction with international partners.

Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner for Europe Linda Apelt attended the Amsterdam summit and shared Queensland’s hydrogen prospectus with a number of potential investors.

Ms Apelt said Queensland was well positioned to take an international role in renewable hydrogen, with excellent access to solar power and biofuels and projects exploring both production and logistics.

‘Worldwide, 2 key developments have driven hydrogen growth in recent years,’ she said.

‘The cost of hydrogen supply from renewables is continuing to fall, while the urgency of greenhouse gas mitigation has increased, and many countries have begun to take action to decarbonise their economies.

‘Here in Europe, hydrogen production will not meet demand and significant imports will be sought from countries that can efficiently produce and export green hydrogen.

‘Our focus in Queensland is now on technology deployment, reducing the cost of electrolysers required as a part of production, and further developing the necessary supply-chain logistics for export.’

Ms Apelt said the Queensland opportunities were well received in Amsterdam, and the next step would be to coordinate a videoconference between Queensland researchers and UK and European stakeholders from hydrogen and fuel-cell industry bodies.

The World Hydrogen Fuels Summit was held at the Movenpick Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 10 to 11 March.

Renewables and biofuels are identified as a growing export market in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.

TIQ has also published an international market report on Opportunities for Queensland business in Japan’s hydrogen economy.