Queensland will help a major city in China care for its retirees following a new agreement involving a Queensland company in a major Chinese project.

Leading architecture firm Thomson Adsett – part of the Queensland-based Australian Silver Industry Group, a senior-living and aged-care consortium – has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Wuhan Planning and Design Institute to provide architecture and design planning services on a $20 million project to position the city of Wuhan as aged-friendly.

The Australian Silver Industry Group, comprising seven companies, was established in February 2018 as an initiative of the Advancing Trade and Investment – Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022, led by TIQ.

The city of Wuhan, in the Hubei Province of China and with about 12 million people, has set out a state-of-the-art approach to planning aged-care services, involving research and economic analysis, social planning and infrastructure investment.

TIQ Acting Chief Executive Officer Paul Martyn said the agreement provided the cornerstone for the Australian Silver Industry Group and the Wuhan Planning and Design Institute to build a strong relationship, based on the longstanding friendship between Queensland and Wuhan.

‘This opportunity has been three years in the making – and shows the benefits of Queensland firms “hunting as a pack” to win new work in China,’ Mr Martyn said.

‘It is another example of Queensland expertise being exported to help solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, and the development of an age-friendly and elderly-oriented city in Wuhan is an exciting project offering an opportunity for this partnership to strengthen and grow.’

David Lane, Emeritus Chair and Partner of Thomson Adsett and co-chair of the Australian Silver Industry Group, said that through the memorandum of understanding signed on 9 July – to be followed by a contract in coming weeks – Thomson Adsett and Australian Silver Industry Group members would have the opportunity to be involved in several projects.

‘The Australian Silver Industry Group’s vision is to provide innovative solutions in senior living for residents and operators in China through our various technological, service and product capabilities,’ Mr Lane said.

‘Our members work collaboratively to target international project opportunities and provide a unified and diverse Queensland offering, and have conducted several meetings with organisations across the Asia Pacific in the past 18 months.

‘We are very happy with our progress to date.’

Representatives of the Wuhan Planning and Design Institute visited Queensland to sign the agreement and learn more about the state’s aged-care expertise.

Institute President Mr Chen Wei said Queensland companies were providing important input on the development of Wuhan’s aged-care environment.

‘Our time in Queensland was enormously beneficial and eye-opening,’ he said.

‘Seeing how the industry operates gives us great encouragement, and has helped to crystallise our thinking on how we can gather the data, plan the research and implement our Age Friendly City Strategy Plan.

‘We have today identified immediate opportunities for further collaboration with ASIG members, and we will continue our strong friendship with Thomson Adsett.

‘Our experiences will no doubt further strengthen our relationship with Queensland.’

The Australian Silver Industry Group is the first consortium of its kind in Australia and was established as an initiative of the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.

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Members of the Australian Silver Industry Group are: