Redback Technologies Solar energyAn innovative tech company in Queensland has signed a deal to progress its smart cities technology across a major development in Dubai thanks to support from the Queensland global business agency, Trade and Investment Queensland.

Brisbane start-up Redback Technologies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Duserve Facilities Management to run a trial of its low-cost solar solutions in Dubai South, a major city currently under development in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Redback’s market-leading integrated hardware and software technology captures, stores and manages solar energy for residential and commercial customers. This agreement is the result of a trade mission, organised by Trade and Investment Queensland, to the UAE that Deputy Premier and then Minister for Trade and Investment last year.

The MOU with Dubai South has come about as a result of a collaboration with Trade and Investment Queensland, the government’s lead business agency, and the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation under the Advance Queensland Global Partnerships fund.

It is a crucial step in Redback cementing a long-term sustainable position in the Middle East. Redback Technologies will have a strong partner in Dubai South and the relationship will pave the way for extensive use of its technology across the Middle East region and a tremendous success with the majority of the eight companies that participated achieving significant outcomes within the Middle East and North Africa region.

Redback Technologies will install its robust, scalable hardware and software solutions in 20 commercial and 20 residential properties in Dubai South. It will manage and monitor the project over 12months, providing real-time data and insights into energy usage.

The project was the first step towards overseas expansion and represents a huge opportunity to showcase Australia’s innovation in the region and an opportunity to demonstrate as a leader in smart energy management solutions on a global scale.

Redback’s smart software utilises the Internet of Things to distribute excess energy to smart appliances or to store in batteries, optimising energy consumption. The software also has machine-learning capabilities that become familiar with customer habits and controls energy depending on expected weather changes, ensuring effective management of energy, resulting in lower bills and a reduction in fossil fuel reliance.

Dubai South is one of the largest urban development projects in the world, based around the new Al Maktoum International Airport, which is forecast to become the world’s largest freight and passenger airport. On completion, the development will have approximately one million residents and will be a global example for sustainable urban solutions predominantly powered by renewable energy.

The other Queensland businesses that have successfully signed deals on the back of the trade mission are Greywater Solutions, Gruntify, Transit Australia Group and Real Serious Games.

The roll-out of the project will commence on 1 June 2017, with the potential to expand to include more commercial and residential properties.

To support the work surrounding the MOU, Redback Technologies is looking to grow its staff from an existing team of 52, including 35 developers, in turn creating jobs and contributing to the Queensland economy.

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