Brisbane cybersecurity company Cryptoloc is thriving despite COVID-19, opening a new office in Tokyo and taking the first steps in integrating its products with the globally dominant Microsoft suite.

Cryptoloc offers patented technology that enables clients to securely store and share documents, guaranteeing privacy, integrity, authenticity and control of all data transactions.

Cryptoloc founder and director Jamie Wilson said the company’s decision to establish a Japanese presence began with introductions from TIQ at a Tokyo conference in 2019.

‘We attended the Innovation Leaders Summit in Tokyo last year,’ Mr Wilson said.

‘It’s Asia’s largest open innovation event, and we saw it as a great opportunity to build our networks and test the waters in terms of Japanese interest in our flagship product, Secure2Client.

‘The team from TIQ Tokyo really helped us to make the most of that trip, introducing us to key Japanese stakeholders and giving us top-quality advice on the Japanese market.

‘The TIQ team in Brisbane also helped us prepare beforehand so we knew what to expect and how to pitch our offering.’

Cryptoloc followed up from the summit with monthly trips to Japan to learn about the needs of the Japanese market and to have further conversations with potential Japanese clients.

The interest displayed by those clients gave Cryptoloc the confidence to open their first Asian office in Tokyo’s Shinagawa district in March, with a local team of 4 staff.

Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner for Japan Tak Adachi said Cryptoloc’s groundwork should stand them in good stead in their entry into the Japanese market.

‘Cryptoloc is a great example of a Queensland exporter doing its homework and building local relationships to maximise the chances of success in a new market,’ Mr Adachi said.

‘They have a world-class product that can meet a global need, and there’s no reason they can’t be in countries all around the world.

‘We’re looking forward to celebrating an official opening of their Tokyo office once COVID-19 passes, when Japan should see a huge opportunity in terms of catch-up in digital transformation and cybersecurity.’

Cryptoloc currently sells to clients in more than 20 countries and TIQ offices in other countries are also working with the company to support their entry into further overseas markets.

Mr Wilson said the company was also working on technical developments to deliver truly integrated solutions to clients around the world.

‘In late March, we integrated Secure2Client with Outlook, which is another great step in terms of making our product globally appealing,’ he said.

‘It’s the first of a number of integration rollouts we have planned with Microsoft and Office 365 that will make our product offerings work even better for our customers.

‘We really see our marketplace as global, and we see Japan as a growth opportunity and strong base for employing skilled professionals.’

Supporting start-ups is one of the priorities of the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017–2022.