A wastewater treatment plant provided by Queensland company Ozzi Kleen is helping a Chinese hospital disinfect its wastewater to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Sunshine Coast-based Ozzi Kleen’s Containerised Transportable Wastewater Treatment Plant was recently installed at the Suqian Infectious Disease Hospital, approximately 700km north-east of Wuhan.

Ozzi Kleen’s plant is providing an extra disinfection process to remove the risk of the virus leaving the hospital via liquid waste streams.

TIQ Acting CEO Richard Watson said Ozzi Kleen’s efforts were inspiring.

‘Ozzi Kleen’s ability to provide practical solutions so quickly is a great example of the ingenuity and flexibility of Queensland manufacturers,’ Mr Watson said.

‘Queenslanders take pride in looking out for their friends in times of need and Ozzi Kleen’s efforts to help Suqian City Infectious Disease Hospital showcases that to the world.’

Ozzi Kleen Production Manager David Blee said the business was humbled to be able to help people in China during this difficult time.

‘We have been going back and forth to China for a while now and have built a strong relationship with a great group of Chinese people,’ Mr Blee said.

‘We have great empathy for their situation and that’s why we went the extra mile to install this system quickly.’

Ozzi Kleen specialises in sewerage treatment systems, from underground residential units to fully relocatable commercial systems for remote locations such as workers camps at mines.

Their Containerised Transportable Wastewater Treatment Plants are ‘plug and play’ systems, built within shipping containers for maximum portability, that require minimal setup.

This simplicity meant Ozzi Kleen was able to guide a local Chinese team through the installation process remotely via WeChat with the help of joint venture partner Kieren Zhou as a translator.

Mr Blee noted that remotely installing such a large system under lockdown conditions was challenging.

‘When you’re doing the installation via videocall on a mobile phone you don’t have any peripheral vision, so can’t see everything that’s going on,’ he said.

‘Additionally, all the shops were shut which meant that if what we needed wasn’t already on site, there was no chance of getting it.

Ozzi Kleen began exporting to China under a $9 billion China Ministry for Environment program.

The program aims to reduce wastewater impacts on farmlands, channels and the underground water table in rural areas without adequate sewerage treatment processes.

An initial system was shipped to China in late December but had not yet been installed when the COVID-19 outbreak started.

Mr Blee said the system was reconfigured slightly to deal with the infectious waste at the specialist hospital, which was last used during the SARS outbreak 17 years ago.

‘Our Containerised Transportable Wastewater Treatment Plant utilises an active naturally occurring bacteria to treat and clarify the water before chlorinating the water ready for release to the environment.

‘This is different to many of the systems currently in use in China which use membranes to clean the water.’

Looking ahead, Mr Blee said Ozzi Kleen is optimistic it can finalise a ‘manufacture under licence’ agreement for their containerised systems with the Chinese Government.

‘We had the Chinese Government go out and look at the system in Suqian last week,’ he said.

‘They have been very willing to embrace the technology and the systems.

‘They’re very happy with its performance and are now looking at having us assist with other projects.’

The government is planning to move the system in place at Suqian Infectious Disease Hospital to a larger hospital shortly.

TIQ has worked with Ozzi Kleen for several years, previously helping to facilitate their successful market entry into Indonesia and Middle East.

Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner for China Julie-Anne Nichols said China and Queensland had built a strong, collaborative relationship over many decades of engagement and exchanges.

‘We are standing by each other during these challenging times to help each other out in areas that really matter and count,’ Ms Nichols said.

‘Ozzi Kleen’s partnership with China couldn’t be a better example of this symbiotic relationship in action.

‘TIQ’s team in China is working with Queensland exporters and their partners in China to support our continued commercial engagement and support businesses build resilience and innovative approaches together during this global crisis.’

China is one of 12 markets in which TIQ promotes Queensland trade and investment around the world.