Tell us the origins of Frosty Boy. How did the company start?

Frosty Boy at Yatala, Queensland, sells to 54 countries and is a finalist in the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2017

Frosty Boy at Yatala, Queensland, sells to 54 countries and is a finalist in the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2017

Frosty Boy first began manufacturing soft serve powder in 1976, when there was an increasing demand in the market for a better quality and more affordable range of soft serve ice cream.

Since its establishment, Frosty Boy has expanded their product range to also include a range of frozen yoghurt and beverage powder bases, toppings and syrups, and food service catering products. With our continuous commitment to research and development and in-depth market research, Frosty Boy also now has the capabilities to develop and manufacture customised products for clients all over the world.

At what point did Frosty Boy start exporting?

Frosty Boy first stepped into the export market in 2001 and has experienced double-digit growth each year since. Export sales now represent three-quarters of business sales and continue to grow.

You export to 54 countries on five continents. What’s the most unexpected place on earth to find Frosty Boy ice cream?

I think many people would be surprised to find out just how widespread our Gold Coast-based company is around the world. We’re currently in 54 countries including Antarctica, and that number is constantly growing.

Stop! You’re in Antarctica? How?

We currently supply a group of scientists in one of the bases. They’re surrounded by ice but that doesn’t stop them from eating their Frosty Boy soft serve!

As we were saying, our growing export market comes down to our commitment to create a product that best suits our customers, their market and ultimately their consumer. What is a traditional vanilla in Australia can be completely different to what many Asian consumers expect vanilla to taste like. We have more than 150 different versions of vanilla!

What’s the biggest trend happening right now in the frozen treats space? Green tea matcha ice cream? Frozen yoghurt? Ice cream sandwiches?

Trends change all the time depending on what country we’re talking about. Matcha is huge within Asian markets and cold-brew coffee is expected to explode this summer. We’re seeing floral flavours make their way into ice cream like cherry blossom and hibiscus. Also, black charcoal is very popular with a lot of boutique ice-creameries.

You’re based at Yatala — halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you fly overseas for work — which airport do you use?

Some of our team are based in Brisbane and some of us are down the coast so it really depends where we are flying to and where we are flying from. Most of the international flights leave from Brisbane Airport, although there’s an increasing number of flights to Asia out of the Gold Coast Airport.

I imagine billing for different countries is a challenge. What’s your advice for anyone managing cash flow from overseas?

Felipe Demartini, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Frosty Boy

Felipe Demartini, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Frosty Boy

You need to make sure your main bank has international capabilities. As much as we would like to support a local bank or smaller business, we find that we have a real need for a top-tier bank that can offer us the services we need, the currencies and platforms that work best for our clients and for us here at Frosty Boy.

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2017. What’s been the best thing to come from the awards?

Thank you! The best thing is being able to show just how widespread we are across the globe and how we create and deliver products that best suit changing international markets. This nomination has already been recognised by a number of our customers and suppliers, who have congratulated us on our hard work in the export market and have recognised the work we put in daily to reach every possible market.

What’s your ice cream diet like? Every night or just special occasions?

I think I can speak for everyone here at Frosty Boy when I say we have a lot more soft serve in our diets now than we did before joining the Frosty Boy team! Our talented research and development team is always working away in the lab creating new formulations and flavours that we’re lucky enough to taste before going to market — kind of like guinea pigs.

We recently started up ‘Flavour Fridays’, where we put a new, interesting flavour we have seen trending in the market in one of our soft serve machines for the whole team to try.

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