Aquatec Maxcon facilities


Established in 1970, Aquatec Maxcon has been in the water and wastewater treatment industries for over 45 years.

Company details

Company Aquatec Maxcon

Product Water technology


Fine bubble membrane diffusers are durable, cost effective and resistant to bio-fouling with optimum oxygen-transfer efficiency and a wide range of airflows, specially formulated for long membrane life with high tear strength.


Aquatec Maxcon is wholly Australian-owned company has designed and manufactured equipment for thousands of projects locally in Australia and overseas including Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand.

Product/service offering

Aquatec Maxcon offers the complete range of water and wastewater treatment equipment including Aquablade fine bubble diffusers, Aquastar surface aerators, decanters, digesters, mixing equipment and mechanical screens.

It also provides turnkey construction for water and wastewater treatment, with in-house process, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering.

Value proposition

Aquatec Maxcon customises its products to suit special applications and conditions, making them world-class in their efficiency and reliability.

The company’s aeration systems have been benchmarked and tested against products in the US and Europe and found to be more efficient.

A wide range of coarse and fine inlet screens are available to suit all applications including climber, chain type, semi rotary, step screen, drum screens and the Aquatec Band screen.

Company/product certifications

Aquatec Maxcon has triple-certified management systems for Quality, Safety and Environment and has Australian Federal Government Building and Construction WHS Accreditation.

Current/future export markets

Aquatec Maxcon has offices in Thailand and Indonesia and is seeking further overseas representatives for our world class products such as Aquablade Diffusers, Aquastar Surface Aerators, Decanters and other equipment.