Fraser Isle spanner crab


Aussie Red Crab Pty Ltd (branded as Fraser Isle Spanner Crab) was established in 2011 and has grown to become the world’s largest catcher and processor of Spanner Crab (Ranina ranina).

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Spanner crab is unique in flavour, colour and shape. Overseas supply is declining, and demand is increasing. Aussie Red Crab Pty Ltd has invested heavily in quota, fishing vessels, plant and infrastructure and intellectual property to the extent where we can offer consistency of supply like no other.

We run a fleet of 7 vessels and unload a further 5 independent fishermen. Quota is required to catch Queensland Spanner Crab and Aussie Red Crab controls approximately 35% of the Queensland state total.

Most of the crab is caught in the Coral Sea off the coastline of World Heritage Listed Fraser Island.

Spanner crabs are unique in the commercial crustacean world and are increasingly rare as overfishing overseas has decimated stocks. Fortunately, the Queensland fishery is very well-managed and stocks are healthy.

Aussie Red Crab has Queensland Safe Food certification and AQIS export registration.

We were a National Finalist in 2019 Delicious Produce Awards and a finalist in the 2018 Queensland Export Awards.


  • Live spanner crab
  • Frozen whole raw spanner crab
  • Foodservice 500g raw spanner crab meat
  • Retail 150g raw spanner crab meat