Mud crab


Australian Gulf Seafoods’ initial business focus is exporting its highly prized mud crabs that are wild-caught in the mangrove-lined shallow waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland.

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Company Australian Gulf Seafoods

Product Seafood

Company overview

AGS is recently established and has the following specific aims:

  1. to establish Queensland’s and Australia’s first commercial wild and live mud crab export industry through ecological and sustainable best practice management systems
  2. use already established mud crab supply channels from the Gulf of Carpentaria to consistently supply A-Grade crabs that meet a predefined condition size and weight
  3. establish and implement ecological and sustainable management systems to ensure wild caught stock is sustainable and kept at premium quality conditions for export demand over the long term
  4. use pre-qualified tank specialists to design and manufacture innovative simulated natural ecosystem to maintain crabs in a healthy natural metabolic condition and in excellent health and condition all the way to the end consumer.

The family has been professionally fishing the waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria and supplying high end restaurants and markets all over Australia since 1942.


The Gulf of Carpentaria is a vast, relatively unsettled region of northern Queensland.

Home to some of Australia’s most important undisturbed river systems, wetlands and marine environments, encompassing the catchments of many fresh and saltwater rivers, as well as the inlet for the Arafura Sea, this abundant natural resource provides its inhabitants with incredible macro tidal patterns that many fisherman believe to be one of the main reasons why the Gulf is so prosperous. Fish respond often twice daily to the warm double tides, which is one of the reasons AGS’s seafood is such high quality.

The expansive shallow waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria make it an incredibly productive region for of 50 different species of fish and crab including the mighty mud crab, barramundi, king salmon and mackerel.

With the Gulf being so remote and largely unpopulated, there is no pollution or contamination from sewage, factory waste garbage, toxic pesticides or chemicals. With consumers increasingly wanting to know if their seafood is chemical, hormone and pesticide free, AGS can proudly answer yes to all of these questions.

With growing public concerns worldwide about overfishing and the impact that it has on oceans, AGS is committed to supplying clean and green sustainable seafood and goes to great lengths to keep its practices sustainable and ocean- and fish-friendly.