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Blast Movement Technologies (BMT) provides a unique solution to mines worldwide. BMT’s technology accurately measures blast movement to determine the actual location of the ore-body post blast, saving millions of dollars’ profit per mine, per year.

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Company Blast Movement Technologies

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Blast Movement Technology helps mining giants lift their profits

Owners of Blast Movement Technologies with their productsQueensland company, Blast Movement Technology (BMT) has developed a patented system that measures rock movements during blasting at mine sites. This helps mines locate usable ore zone blocks and ensures that they don’t accidentally discard valuable material.

Its unique technology creates millions of dollars in value by recovering ore that would otherwise be discarded.

Established in 2005, BMT uses transponders, a specialised portable detector and proprietary software. The transponders are placed up to 20 metres deep in the rock prior to blasting and located immediately after the blast with the detectors.

Software is used to calculate the location of the ore post blast. This builds valuable information for geologists and companies looking to continuously improve the profitability of their mines.

2015 Premier of Queensland Export Award WinnerBMT’s export-focused business model includes manufacturing, research and development, consulting, training and software development. The company has achieved 50% sales growth year-on-year, driven by new international customers. Export revenue increased by 63% during the 2014–15 financial year.

BMT took away the Minerals and Energy award in the 2015 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards.