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Cook Medical Australia is dedicated to bold leadership in pioneering medical solutions to enhance patient care worldwide. Through research and development, manufacturing, and continuing to prioritise patients, Cook helps to create innovative healthcare treatments that improve people’s quality of life every day.

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Cook Medical pioneers new treatment

2015 Premier of Queensland Export Award Winner
The Brisbane-based manufacturing facility is Cook Medical’s Asia Pacific headquarters, employing over 450 people locally and over 1,000 across the Asia Pacific region.

Cook Medical Australia’s parent company is Cook Group – a family-owned, privately-held corporation dedicated to improving lives worldwide. Cook Medical Australia manufactures two key product ranges specialising in IVF and Endovascular Repair and exports over 92% of its output to 135 countries at a value exceeding US$100 million. The products are manufactured in its Brisbane facility, which employs over 500 staff. The Australian operations also double as the headquarters for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Cook has transformed significantly since the company’s inception. The strategic approach to business and customers has enabled Cook to differentiate from its competitors by remaining focused on product innovation. In 2015 Cook achieved an annual sales figure of US$408 million for the APAC region, which is its 33rd year of consecutive growth.

Cook Medical won the Health & Biotechnology Award at the 2015 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards.