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CrampFix® was formed in 2015 after a proprietary formula was developed and successfully tested on professional football players in Australia.

This ‘breakthrough’ formula works rapidly and effectively through the nervous system to stop the overacting nerves that are causing muscles to cramp.

Company details

Company CrampFix

Product A high-carbohydrate sports supplement which prevents and treats muscle cramps

CarmapFix logoOverview

Co-founders Jan and Michelle Buchegger call it breakthrough cramp management – a game-changer in the treatment of muscle cramps for athletes.

During the development phase of this new product, they were busy running their food manufacturing company, which was sold to a multinational firm in September 2016.

The directors each have more than 20 years of experience in food manufacturing, marketing and business development and now the time and energy to focus on further development of CrampFix®.

CrampFix® operates its own HACCP-accredited manufacturing facility in Queensland, Australia. All products are manufactured on site, allowing for excellent quality control and flexibility to meet customer requirements.

Initial trials of the CrampFix® formula were conducted over 3 years with players on professional rugby teams. The results were consistently positive, and proved that it was a winning formula to beat cramps.

Players who would normally suffer muscle cramps found that using the product enabled them to remain on field longer, and the coach gained valuable player time, resulting in the team’s climb up the competition ladder.

In January 2017, the formula was branded and trademarked CrampFix® and launched onto the market as a Sports Supplement Food, specifically a high carbohydrate, targeting athletes who suffer from muscle cramps.

In April 2017 further trials were later conducted on Ironman aid stations and the effectiveness, dosage and safety have since been confirmed.

In May 2017 CrampFix® was launched in Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia within the sports nutrition market.

Further export markets now include The Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan.


A high-carbohydrate sports supplement, CrampFix® prevents and treats muscle cramps.

  • CrampFix® – 50ml bottle with screw top lid is re-useable and includes three to five serves.
  • CrampFix® Shot – 20ml single serve sachet.

Company value proposition

  • Innovative cramp management product designed for use before, during and after activity.
  • Prevents and treats muscle cramps rapidly through the nervous system.
  • Low dose, all-natural drink.
  • No mixing, measuring – drink straight from the bottle or sachet.
  • Long shelf life – 3-year best before date.
  • Free from banned substances and WADA compliant.
  • Manufactured in company’s own high output/volume production facility.

Company/product certifications

  • HACCP Quality System
  • Informed Sports accreditation – currently undertaking
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