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At Fang’s Chilli Sauce the philosophy of sharing food amongst family and friends rings true; it’s our favourite thing to do!

Therefore, it is no surprise that our sauce wasn’t created by accident. Developing the ideal chilli sauce has been a relentless four-year journey of almost obsessive commitment and an abundance of passion, shared by Chef Clinton Fang Yuen and his team.

Company details

Company Fang's Chilli Sauce

Product Chilli Sauce condiment

Company overview

Fang's chilli sauce logoDiscover ‘umami’ – the fifth basic taste – through Fang’s Chilli Sauce, proudly created at the company’s state-of-the-art factory in Cairns, far north Queensland. Its secret is bonito flakes packed with umami to reduce the salt in Fang’s sauces.

At Fang’s, product is king and the company never compromises on quality. It uses local and Australian produce wherever possible. Many of its chillies are sourced from the fertile tablelands just one hour from Cairns.

Talk to Fang’s if you are looking for a timeless product and want to be the first to launch the Fang’s brand in your country. Your tastebuds don’t lie!


Chilli sauce

  • Free from gluten and preservatives
  • Low in sugar and salt
  • Under 4 calories/15.54kJ per serve