Frosty Boy team


Yatala-based company Frosty Boy manufactures a wide range of frozen dessert and beverage products.

Established in 1976, the company now supplies its products to 60 countries, and has local representation in India, the United Arab Emirates, Latin America and Asia.

It has also established a subsidiary in India and manufactures its product for the Indian market in Bangalore.

Company details

Company Frosty Boy

Product Frozen yogurt, soft serve, beverages, fruit slush bases

What they achieved

Frosty Boy has achieved major business outcomes in a variety of overseas markets, especially in India, where it has been doing business since 2015.

It distributes Frosty Boy products to many of India’s quick service (takeaway) restaurants, including Café Coffee Day, one of India’s largest coffee chains.

How they did it

Frosty Boy sought advice from TIQ and other government bodies to help them expand their global market.

They then attended several overseas trade shows where they tested their products to help them understand each market and customise flavours to suit local tastes.

In the case of India, spending time in market also helped Frosty Boy’s Australian management understand the local culture and find quality partners. Frosty Boy then appointed a company manager in India, established a subsidiary in Delhi and appointed local staff. To help those staff understand Frosty Boy’s business culture, the company brought them to Australia for training.