Golden Bone


The Golden Bone Bakery, creates healthy dog treats with carefully chosen natural, delicious ingredients that are veterinarian approved and have nutritional benefits for our four-legged friends.

The Golden Bone Bakery’s vision is to provide dog and cat owners worldwide a healthy alternative to ordinary pet treats.

Company details

Company The Golden Bone Bakery

Product Pet food and accessories



Goldan Bone Bakery products are supplied to:

  • wholesale clients including large pet shops, boutique pet shops, dog friendly cafes and veterinary clinics
  • retail clients including website sales, pet related markets and charity events

Product/service offering

The products are made from premium, natural ingredients that have nutritional benefits for dogs and cats.

All treats are 100% free of any preservatives, artificial colour, flavours, added salt and sugar, unlike many treats available for pets.

Value proposition

All treats are 100% free of added salt, sugar, soy, corn, preservatives and chemicals.

The Golden Bone Bakery recipes are confirmed by a veterinarian and tested for nutrient analysis by an official laboratory in Brisbane.

They follow the guidelines of the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia and clearly state what is in their treats.

All products have a long shelf life (1 year from purchase date) without the use of artificial preservatives which is unique in the Australian pet treat market.

Company/product certifications

All products are 100% Australian made.

The Golden Bone Bakery are proud to have endorsements from highly regarded Australian veterinarians, dog trainers and the RSPCA Queensland peak animal welfare association.

They also officially sponsor the RSPCA School for Dogs training program across Queensland and support local animal rescue groups and sponsor several different pet related charities.

Current/future export markets

Currently exporting to boutique pet shops in Singapore that focus on high quality products.  Future export markets will include Japan and Hong Kong.