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Implicit Bioscience is a Brisbane- and Seattle-based biotech company developing a first-in-class biologic drug in the new field of immunoneurology.

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Company Implicit Bioscience

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Following encouraging data in a recent Phase 1b study, IC14 is preparing for a Phase 2 clinical study in ALS/MND under an open IND. A matching in vitro diagnostic is also in development in this indication.  Because of the importance of its target in the central nervous system, IC14 is being evaluated as a platform drug in a broad range of other neurodegenerative and neurotrauma indications.

Current research collaborations include Houston Methodist, Harvard/Mass. General, The Florey Institute, the University of Queensland/Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Macquarie University and Flinders University.

Investment opportunities

The new field of immunoneurology targets dysregulated immune responses in diseases of the central nervous system (CNS).

Implicit Bioscience’s IC14 targets the master regulator of immune function in microglia – the most abundant cell in the CNS. Dysregulated inflammation results in cell death and functional loss, disruption of the blood-brain barrier, and mortality in the major diseases that confront ageing populations and health care systems in the major pharmaceutical markets.

IC14 has established safety in 161 patients and is in clinical development or preclinical evaluation in a range of these indications. Our research collaborators are leaders in the field in the USA and Australia. We are in current discussions with several global and regional pharma organisations and are seeking strategic investment.